Living in a cupboard under some stairs in Privet Drive Sydney. Music Theatre Amateur. I'm 19 but I'm old for my age. If you don't love yourself, how the hell you gonna love somebody else. can i get an amen up in here?

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Don’t change the source please - @shutupsophy

Don’t change the source please - @shutupsophy

Sorry Followers :)

i went a little bit Eoin Macken/ Sir Gwaine crazy there so i promise i am one for one night :) and hey THANKYOU! i finally cracked 740 followers i am actually sooooo happy that i am gonna listen to nsync <3

xxxx baii


a lot of people post like daily journal entries of what happened to them today and whatnot. im just curious. out of my 700 or so followers are any of you actually in any way at all interested in my life and day to day activites? because if so im bound to post more personal shit.

this could get interesting&#160;!

do it!

this could get interesting !

do it!

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My Oliver! audition song :)

I have an audition tonight

Should I do my first tumblr video and upload me doin the song? Message me?


Someone asked me what my dreams were and of course I replied with Broadway! And then they said no I meant what comes along after because Broadway won’t be forever.
So here’s a list of ‘dreams’ i hope to achieve
1. Attend in 2013 Juilliard, AMDA or NYU for performing arts
2. Move to New York
3. Become a Broadway star
4. Become a StarKid
5. Perform alongside my idol Idina Menzel
6. Perform as
Elphaba - Wicked
Maureen/Mimi - Rent
Janet - Rocky Horror
Ariel - Little Mermaid
Eponine - Les Mis
7. (if it’s still on) be on Glee
8. Perform on the broadway stage alongside Daniel Radcliffe
9. Be in a Spanish film with Antonio Banderas
10. Win a Tony
11. Get married (preferably to Garrett Hedlund, Eoin Macken, Darren Criss or Tom Felton) (that’s not in a creepy way though)
12. Move to London to break it on their “broadway”
13. Raise a family (four if I can)
14. (I’m actually hilarious) work with Ricky Gervais, Stephen Merchant and Karl-Pilkington
15. Continue with comedy stream in the movies (if I’m too old for broadway)

So there you have it, my 15 mini dreams inside my main one :)

I love kissing.


 I love the feeling you get before it happens.

  • I love the small talk created before kissing.
  • I love the awkward, yet incredibly strong eye contact with the person.
  • I love the hesitation to move inward.
  • I love the gentle holds on the face/neck/waist/hips.
  • I love the silence when all you can hear is breath.
  • I love the tilting of the head to get noses in the right place.
  • I love the moment where the lips finally come together.
  • I love the smile you share after the kiss.

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this is beautiful


this is beautiful

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